Bedwetting Diapers Work!

When people mention bedwetting diapers, some people automatically picture in their minds some old woman or man sitting in a wheel chair or in bed with a diaper on because they have not control over their bladder. This is not the picture you should be having but a small part of it is true. The person does not have control over their bladder, but it at night when they are sleeping. Some people just sleep too sound and do not feel the urge to go to the bathroom so they just urinate in the bed.

These should not be used to embarrass a child or an older adult because they have this problem. It is to help them have good nights sleep without waking up to wet cold pajamas and sheets. Doctors do not like to recommend them for teenagers because this does not address the issue of why they are still wetting the bed at this age.

bedwetting diapersWhen you consider using this method to help with bedwetting you need to decide if you want to use the one that is disposable, or the one that is made from absorbing cotton, which you will have to wash. There are positive and negative arguments with each of these bedwetting diapers but all you need to be concerned with is the age of the child, how the child will feel wearing these, and the child being comfortable.

Before using these, you should make sure that there are no underlying causes for the bedwetting. Some adults that have to wear them are bedridden, or have been in an accident and it is hard for them to get up. Most children outgrow their bedwetting habit by the age of 15. Bedwetting can be embarrassing for the child, especially if there is a sleep over and none of his friends has that problem. Instead of letting his friends know about his problem he opts to stay home and makes some type of excuse not to go.

Not all of these bedwetting diapers look like a diaper. There are some for boys that look like very similar to underwear and they fit a boy up to one hundred and ten pounds. You can also find bedwetting panties and briefs. Just because it is a diaper does not mean that it has to look like one. When you purchase them, make sure that they are comfortable to wear at night.

Do what you can to help your children feel more comfortable with this situation. Bed wetting diapers do work, but it may take time for your son or daughter to make the adjustment.

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3 Responses to Bedwetting Diapers Work!

  1. Mom of 3 wetters says:

    There are many types of bedwetting diapers that are on the market. There are the disposable – pull on variety and they generally work well in most cases. These are probably the most widely used and accepted of the bedwetting diapers.
    for parents who are used to using cloth diapers on their kids and want to continue using cloth with a bedwetter there are snap side pants that are fairly well padded through the middle and they fit a 10 year old comfortably. A variation of these pants can be either a snap side or pullon and have a pocket that you can stuff with prefolds, hemp doublers or a prefold wrapped around a couple of micro fiber towels which give good absorbancy, these run up to 80 lbs and fit comfortably. There is also a strictly pullon style pants that fit up to 65 lbs. They have a liner added to them which makes for a bulky fitting pants the liner is sewn at both ends which makes drying it a little easier and these are said to be excellent. There is another maker of this style pants that fits up to a 7 year old, these pants are also lined and have an extra liner that is sewn at one end and goes into a pocket and the liner will also help make drying easier. There are also heavy thick cotton pants available in may sizes, these pants however need to be worn under plastic pants or a cover of some variety. Finally there are the regular cloth diapers available in sizes to fit older children. These diapers although generally more absorbant can also have doublers or a triple folded prefold added for more absorbancy. There are some excellent covers available for older kids and also plastic pants.
    With bedwetting it is important to have the bedwetter included in a talk about having a bedwetting diaper to wear. Sometimes they will flat out refuse and washing sheets and pajamas is the only real option. If the child agrees to wearing protection, it is a good idea to have them help you choose the style and where possible colors as well. Of course all of this applies after making sure there is no medical reason for the bedwetting.

  2. Trey says:

    Contrary to what you might think, wearing a disposable underpant may be more acceptable to an older child than not. While bedwetting alarms are great for kids who are not fully trained at night, for older kids, the alarm is basically telling the entire house “Hey, I am wetting the bed!” This is often more embarrassing for the child than actually wetting. Disposable underpants, even though they are being designed to look like underwear – are still basically pull-ups for older kids. Using a re-usable pant is a good alternative. The boxers are cost-effective and you will want to buy more than one in case they don’t dry all the way from one day to another.

    Calling them “night pants” may work for younger kids, but older kids and teens know what they really are. Just having “boxers” will help everybody cope and give your child the privacy they need.

    Definitely have a doctor’s check-up to make sure nothing is physically wrong.

    • staff-writer says:

      Thanks Trey. A lot of valid points – and trying reusable diapers may be the best way for keeping your cost down.

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