My Story: A Mom Dealing With Bedwetting Problems

It started so sublimely. At first, there was a faint odor in the sheets. I thought it was an accident so I just changed the sheets. However, it kept happening and sometimes, there were large dark spots instead of the tiny beads. I kept my worries to myself, but racked my brain over and over about what could possibly be happening with my 11 year old boy.

Since his annual check-up was coming up, I decided to push up the date and consult with my child’s doctor. I handed him a note upon entering the doctor’s clinic, and told them I needed to get a cup of coffee. I let the doctor handle it because I did not want to know. Even if I was changing sheets almost daily, I didn’t want to consider a health problem. For me, it was just growing-up pains.

bedwetting personal storyI learned from the doctor that my child “confessed” about his worries, and mentioned a bully in school. He told that the problem was probably because of this trauma he was getting in school. Lately, there have been a lot of tragic bullying stories in the news, so he advised me to take it seriously.

Upon reaching the house, I sat down with my son and we talked. It was hard at first because he would shift from being “Leave me alone!” to “There’s nothing wrong.” I stood my ground, and just kept talking, as I’m known to do all the time. It wore him down and he opened up.

There was this bully in school who kept targeting him every day in school. He walked in fear all the time, and did not know what to do. To him, everyone in school was laughing at him, and he hated it. He even got scared to go to the bathroom, and would often wet his pants a bit. My heart cried out at the cruelty of some kids, but I told my son that together, we would fix the problem.

I bought him bedwetting diapers. He chose the one without the alarm and the disposable ones. It helped him sleep through the night. I also got him a nightlight and kept his door open so he could sneak a peak into our bedroom from his bed at night.

Then, I went to his school and filed a complaint. I don’t expect much from the complaint, but my son is getting better. The fact that he knows I’m there for him has boosted his self confidence. I also got him into martial arts and tennis. These are not team sports so he can go at his own pace. The bedwetting diapers saved my son. It may sound too dramatic, but it did. And, it’s our little secret ... until now.

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