Controlling Your Frustration So You Can Help Your Bed Wetting Child

Every parent gets frustrated with their child but for parents of bedwetters, frustration is commonplace. Its not that you don't love your child, its just that you want to help them overcome the issue and you feel powerless to help. Well, there are some tips to help you overcome your frustration so that you can help your child.

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Importance of Familial Sensitivity and the Bedwetter

Whether you know it or not, children who wet the bed are very sensitive about the issue. The most damaging thing is the lack of sensitivity from other family members. Therefore it is extremely important if everyone in the house is sensitive the your child's bedwetting issue. For instance, no one should ever make the child feel bad about their lack of urine control. No one should compare them to other children who don’t wet the bed. No one should fuss or yell at the child or proclaim that they should 'do better' or that they are not trying hard enough to control their urine.

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Should You Use Bed Wetting Diapers?

There are children, teenagers and adults who still wet their bed. It may be because of insufficient production of a hormone that stops urine production when evening comes around. It’s known as the circadian rhythm, and sometimes the imbalance is just because of a slow developer. In adults, it’s the lack of AVP which is another hormone. Although if it is AVP imbalance, then medical attention is required as soon as possible.

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Bed wetting Coping Strategies

Some parents think that all bedwetting issues are a serious concern however; this is not necessarily the case. In fact, younger children occasionally wet the bed simply because their bladders aren’t fully developed yet. In fact, many medical professionals state that it is quite normal for children under age 5 to wet their beds from time to time. In addition, they state that it is perfectly normal for older children to wet their beds as well. So, if you’re a parent that is trying to figure out whether your child’s bedwetting is normal or not, here are a few thing that you should keep in mind.

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When to Seek Bedwetting Help

Since most bedwetting issues are caused by psychological issues or undiagnosed medical conditions, you may be wondering when you should seek help for your child's bedwetting issue. After all, most bedwetters don't simply outgrow bedwetting and it can be a very frustrating indeed to figure out the cause of the issue. Here's some guidelines to determine if you need help:

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Using Bedwetting Alarms To Help Your Child

All children face bedwetting up to a certain time in their life; some are “cured” faster than others, others find it more difficult to control their urges in the middle of the night due to either physical or psychological factors so they continue with their disturbing habits.

While there is medication that can help, the most efficient therapeutic method is the use of behavioral stimulus. Bed wetting alarms are one of the most preferred methods, and can really help your child who is struggling with a bedwetting issue.

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Bedwetting Causes

There are many causes of bedwetting ranging from undiagnosed medical conditions to psychological issues that need addressing. If your child wets the bed, you may be at a loss trying to figure out the exact cause. Here are a few tips to help you figure out the cause:

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